What is content marketing

Content marketing is all about getting people talking about your brand and increasing your website traffic through unique, creative and engaging content.

How does content marketing grow your business?

Content marketing isn’t just advertising. It isn’t just more promotional blurb. Content marketing is about achieving awareness of your brand, increased online referrals, and influencing consumer behaviour organically. Provance’s talented, experienced writers are skilled in creating content that engages your audience and reflects your brand and values.

Experts in content marketing

No SEO or link building campaign will be successful if content marketing isn’t integrated into the strategy from the beginning. Effective, creative copy organically encourages interest, shares and likes on social media, generating links and improving search engine rankings. Provance works with you to create unique, attention-grabbing copy that differentiates your brand from the crowd.

Our approach

Provance’s team includes only the most talented and skilled creatives, writers and designers to ensure content that gets your brand noticed for all the right reasons. Whatever the size of your business, whether you want to generate sales or get your name out there, our SEO maximised content marketing will help you reach your goals.

Research and partnering

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we work closely with you to identify concepts that link content to brand objectives. Producing top quality content isn’t enough. It’s vital to understand the journey your audience takes through the various online channels to reach your website.

Target audience and demographics

Understanding your audience is key to content marketing success. Unless you know who you’re targeting, it’s impossible to create the most effective content. Provance’s team works with you to create a clear image of your ideal customer to maximise your ROI.

Reaching out

You can have the best content around but if no-one sees it there’s little point. In this digital, social-media driven world, it’s vital to connect with those who can get your message out there. Our content marketing includes building a social media strategy to reach your target demographic across the digital platforms, while our outreach team has the connections and experience to work with journalists, bloggers and key influencers to most effectively market your brand across the widest audience.

Clear, transparent results reporting

At Provance we believe that transparency is the foundation stone of a strong working relationship. We closely monitor the results of any project and report our findings regularly, enabling you to identify your ROI and the impact your content marketing has had for your brand.