What is SEO auditing?

Poor SEO can have a real impact on your website’s ranking and, consequently, your business. Our experts utilise their extensive experience and in-house technology to identify any issues that could be affecting the success of your website.

How can SEO audits grow your business?

It’s only through understanding how SEO friendly your website already is that we can make recommendations and build a successful strategy that will maximise your website’s success.

At Provance, our SEO specialists have a thorough knowledge of the differing factors that can have an effect on your website’s ranking – whether positive or negative. Our audit compares your site’s elements against a comprehensive checklist to identify any problems that could be affecting your brand’s success. Covering everything from coding to content, our in-depth analysis ensures that your website is fully optimised for maximum conversion rates.

Technical SEO experts

While achieving a perfect website is impossible, we aim to ensure that it’s as close as possible. Through analysing your website, we will identify any problems that are preventing your website achieving optimal performance, including making you aware of any link profile issues that could be holding you back. Then we’ll create the right strategy for your brand.

How our SEO auditing service works

Our SEO auditing service analyses all aspects of your website – both on-page and off-page – to thoroughly evaluate your online performance. When search engines decide rankings, they do so by assessing factors such as website redirects, semantic mark-ups, speed, accessibility, indexability, and duplicate content.

Quality backlinks are another key factor in how search engines rate your website. That’s why we undertake a complete review of inbound links and referring IPs, page rankings, anchor text, and domain authority.


The findings of our detailed SEO audit will be shared with you, along with recommendations for improving your website’s optimisation. Should you have an in-house development team, we’re also happy to work with them.


Every business has different needs. That’s why our SEO strategy will be developed to meet your individual requirements. Our approach encompasses factors such as backlinks, blogger outreach, adding meta descriptions, and improving navigation, to enhance your site’s rankings and visibility.