Recover lost rankings and traffic

If you’ve noticed a drop in rankings or traffic, there are a few reasons why it might have happened. It may be that you’ve been hit by a Google penalty, or it could have been a recent Google update (Panda or Penguin). Perhaps you’ve a received a manual penalty (Notice of Detected Unnatural Links email), or some of your old backlinking needs cleaning up. That’s where Provance can help.

What is Google Panda?

In recent years, Google has updated their algorithm to identify low quality content. Google has confirmed that they have rolled out 25 variations of Panda so far, with the aim of aim of cleaning up its search results through weeding out problematic backlinking and rewarding those websites with high quality content and organic backlinking.

Panda problems

If your site has been affected by a Google Panda update, the first step is to try to discover and confirm which update is the problem, and how much it’s affected your site. We recommend using’s algorithm history tool.

Often when this analysis takes place, it reveals that the situation isn’t quite as straightforward as you may have believed. It could be that your website was negatively impacted by one update, followed by a data ‘refresh’ that boosts your site, then another update dropped it down again. Identifying which updates have affected your site is key to understanding what’s caused the penalty or algorithm update.

Our strategy for recovering from Google penalties is this:

  • Data intelligence, using tools such as GWT, Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO, Ahref’s, and Bing Webmaster tools.
  • Analysis of link data, including domain and placement types, page rankings, DA, PA, anchor text, IP addresses, and TLD types.
  • Requesting websites to remove harmful links
  • Compiling link data from those domains and links that need to be disavowed.
  • Documentation of the process, which is supplied to Google when a request for a reconsideration is made.
  • A post-penalty strategy is created to rebuild your backlink profile with high quality links for improved search visibility.